If you already have work you’re ready for us to take a look at, send it over to concordancejournal@gmail.com and cc. any collaborators that are involved.

If you would love to collaborate with someone on a piece of work, just fill in this typeform and we’ll match you with another artist!


Some works that we enjoy and contain a similar vibe to what we are looking for:




How will this work?

Once paired with another artist, we’ll send out an email introducing both of you to each other as well as the editor who has been assigned to help guide you along the process and check in along the way.

You will be expected to come up with a piece of work by the mutually agreed deadline, so that it can be reviewed by our editors for publishing consideration and possibly further editing.

Please note that we will not publish work that contains discriminatory content (racism, homophobia, sexism etc)- basically be decent human beings and we’ll get along fine.

Ideas for getting started on your very own collaborative work

Alternate: one person comes up with something and the other person responds.

Complementary: Both work on trying to convey the same message in different media OR they come up with something that literally complement each other: e.g writing set to a piece of music, etc.

Joint: Working on a single piece together (more useful for people who are in the same field)