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Kwan-Ann Tan - Editor

is a writer from Malaysia and a student at Oxford University. When she isn’t obsessing over medieval magic, trying to get people to understand that her first name is indeed two names joined together, or writing an essay, you can find her here.


Isaac Miranda - Editor

runs an artist management and development agency out of Singapore, having previously worked as a street culture/music writer and a media strategist. He’s not a creative - he’s just surrounded by them. You can check out his latest releases here.

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Grace Chan - Contributing Editor

has roots are all over the world because her heart is found where her loved ones are. She is a mixed goody bag of skills and experiences in a range of creative fields (basically, she’s a producer). You can learn more about her and her works here:

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Sarah McKenzie - Contributing Editor

is an Australian illustrator working out of a small studio in Richmond, Victoria. Her illustrations often explore childlike curiosities found in everyday adventure and described as bringing warmth and joy. Sarah has completed studies in Marketing including Visual Design, as well as studied under various international and local artists. You can view her work here.

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Sarah B. R. - Contributing Editor

once thought the semicolon was a fancy comma. She is from a tiny, tropical island and expressing herself creatively has always been her thing. As a young fledgling writer, she is powered by her wicked sense of humour, her unrelenting optimism and tenacity and by the support of her, slightly terrorising, but lovable feline friends.

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Angela Feng - Contributing Editor

is a writer and student at the University of Toronto. She likes cooking, eating, and skincare. If she's not over-caffeinated, knee-deep in essays, then she's stuffing her face with takis and daydreaming about 80s movies. You can catch her here on instagram.

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Priscila Tarlé - Contributing Editor

is an avid reader from Brazil, who recently got her Master’s degree in Marketing from University of Coimbra. When she’s not geeking out over her favorite stories, she can be found playing with her two dogs or writing about books and movies on Medium.



If you aren’t a creative and still want to chip in, drop us an email if you’d be interested in helping us out by filling these roles -

Social Media Manager

Social media is where the cool kids are nowadays, and we’re looking to work alongside someone who has a grasp on building social channels and utilising them to give our artists the exposure that they deserve.

Site Manager

We need someone to help publish and arrange the mixed media artwork on our site in a legible, logical, and aesthetically pleasing manner as it comes in. You’ll be working with the editorial team and the creators to figure out the best possible way to present the different mediums side by side.


We need someone to help us get the art out there! You’ll be working closely alongside the editorial and social media teams to contact relevant magazines and digital platforms to showcase the collaborations that have been birthed from the Concordance artistic family.